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Light Curtaine


Model Beam Space Max Distance X  beams Price
 NCS -AX 15 mm 5 m 8 $499.00
 NCS -AXL 50 mm 5 m 8 $675.00
 NCS -PX 15 mm 50 m 8 $499.00
 NCS -PXL 50 mm 50 m 8 $675.00

Light curtains


Description of performance


Safety curtains are made up of a transmitter and a receiver. The distance between both components and the overall height results in the protection width and height.


With the modular structure, the protection height can be realized from 12 cm to 1.5 m.

Special sizes are also available.


The transmitter and receiver work simultaneously, that is, only one light beam and one receiving item are active at a point in time.


The transmitter produces infrared light beams that turn on and off in rapid succession.Parallel light beams with a distance of 15 mm are controlled by two micro-controller chips. For safety reason. A resolution of 14 mm is determined by the beam distance.


Simultaneously with the light beams from the transmitter at the receiver, all received items are analyzed by two micro-controller chips. If an object is in the protective field, i.e. at least one of the beams is darkened, the two hazardous motion receiver outputs interrupt the device or prevent it from starting.


Multiple LEDs on the transmitter and the receiver display as a result of the respective operating conditions. The system detects an internal or external error, the device shuts down immediately, and the LED on the transmitter or receiver turns red to indicate the error status. Two internal relays are for safety performance.